Who we are…

John and Steph have a blended family of four children. In addition to taking care of the cattle and goat operation John and Steph keep quite busy. John is a feed consultant for Livestock Specialists Inc. (Purina) in Aberdeen, SD, which means he is always on the phone. If you can’t reach him just leave a voicemail and he will get back to you! We also do custom Artificial Insemination (AI) work at various times of the year. We both keep busy as 4-H Leaders/volunteers and Steph has been an officer of the SD Red Angus Association since 2001 and is active in the RAAA as a committee member. We also volunteer for other organizations and church functions in between keeping up with a grade school and high school student and all of their school and extra- curricular activities.

Our oldest son Alex lives nearby and runs his own operation known as Jung Cattle Company. He raises Simmental, Red Angus, commercial and club calf producing cows. He is pretty excited to have raised the club calf bull that sold to Matt Lautner called “Beasty Boy”. He is anxiously waiting to see his first offspring hit the ground in the spring of 2018. In addition to cattle, Alex also sells pharmaceutical products for Sioux Nation out of Aberdeen, SD. He is a semen rep for ST Genetics and in his spare time clips show and sale cattle for various people. He markets his genetics thru online sales, private treaty, and consigns a few to our annual sale.

Our daughter Brooke works at a home medical supply service in a nearby town and keeps busy with various activities and helping at her boyfriend’s farm during the nights and weekends.

Kale is still in high school and keeps busy with showing cattle, 4-H and junior livestock association programs, FFA, football and church group, as well as helping out at the ranch when he is not gone to practice or school.

Jacob is in elementary school and keeps busy with 4-H and junior livestock association programs, showing cattle, baseball, basketball and church youth group. He is the ranch manager and probably knows better than anyone what is going on around here on a daily basis. He is very active in all aspects of raising livestock and has more livestock knowledge than most kids his age. Our school does not provide an Ag program however Jacob’s class is highly educated in the agriculture industry!


In Closing…..

Although this is lengthy we appreciate you reading about us. We would love to have you visit us any time you are in the area. Our favorite part of being involved in the livestock industry is the people we meet along the way and the friendships we have formed. God has been great to provide us with all these opportunities and to be stewards of the land. Stop on in the coffee pot is usually on!

Lazy J Bar Ranch

36813 131st St

Ipswich, SD 57451
605.228.1743 - 605.380.1796

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