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As you will soon find out we are upfront honest people and we don’t try and hide anything in our cattle or catalog. Part of the higher birth weights are dependent on how severe our winter is. We don’t put too much emphasis on birth weight when selecting cattle for our herd. We expect our bred heifers to deliver an 80 to 85 pound calf unassisted.

We have found first and foremost in our extreme winters an 85 to 95 pound calf is more ideal to keep alive at birth in cold weather. So many people correlate birth weight to problems with calving. In the past 8 yrs we have assisted in less than 1% of calving’s and most of those are multiple birth situations. Our calves are tattooed, tagged, weighed and vaccinated at birth. Tthen, after getting dried off they are kicked out into the cold winter with wind protection and expected to perform. We pasture wean the calves each year in a low stress situation with nose weaner rings. After about a week, they are sorted into the adjoining pastures until October when they come home to be put on a TMR of hay, silage and corn in preparation for our production sale. We use a strict herd health program with our cows and would be happy to visit with you about it.

We also run a herd of around 150 head of Boer Goat does. Steph grew up raising sheep and dairy goats and had been exposed to the Boer goat industry in 2003 and had pondered the thought of starting a goat operation ever since. Finally in 2011 Steph decided to get “a few” bred commercial does but little did John know that was 45 head! We quickly added ABGA registered goats to our herd and currently ¾ of the herd is registered in the ABGA while the remaining herd consists of wether-making genetics for the show ring. Steph has collected genetics across the United States to improve her herd and especially likes breeding registered Boer goats that are red, paints or dapples, instead of just the traditional white body and a red head.

Our does are run much like our cattle. They’re expected to graze as much of the year as possible with limited supplementation. We kid most of our does during the cold winter months of January and February and also kid a few does in May each year. We host our own annual goat production sale the 4th Saturday of April (unless it falls on Easter) each year where we market the current year’s doe and wether kids to be used for showing or breeding purposes. This production sale is quite easily the largest offering of registered ABGA genetics by one producer in the state of South Dakota.   We also market a few goats on our New Year’s Eve cattle sale just to add a little something for everyone. At times bred does and bucks are offered by private treaty. Our doe herd is on a very strict herd health program and Steph is more than willing to visit with you about what works with the goats in our operation.

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